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In May 2016, the government introduced housing legislation that included inclusionary zoning.

In the wake of the October 2015 federal election, in which the federal NDP fell from second to third place, Di Novo was critical of Tom Mulcair's leadership of the federal NDP and of what she viewed as the party's centrist course under his leadership.

With that gloomy outlook in mind, two candidates came forward to contest the NDP nomination: Di Novo and former journalist, and at the time of the nomination, the executive director of the Canadian Arab Federation, Mohamed Boudjenane.

Di Novo defeated Liberal Sylvia Watson in the 14 September 2006 by-election to replace Gerard Kennedy in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Di Novo has also tabled Bill 137, Cy and Ruby's Act (Parental Recognition), 2015 which seeks to amend the Children's Law Reform Act and the Vital Statistics Act to be more LGBTQ inclusive so that LGBTQ parents are also recognized as parents under the law.

She is a United Church of Canada minister who served at the Emmanuel-Howard Park congregation in Toronto, Ontario.

It was during her time at York that she became involved with the student protest movement of the 1960s and joined the Young Socialists of Canada.

Indications from polling in the summer suggested that Pasternak might win; but on election day, Di Novo easily won re-election.

Like other districts bordering on the rail link to Pearson Airport from Union Station, she successfully made the project's potential environmental impact on the community as the main issue in the campaign, by coming out against the Liberal's proposal to first use diesel trains and then eventually electrify the line at some future date.

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