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Whenever the Schedule A is used to delineate separate property from community property, there is usually a recitation in the trust stating that the Schedule A will be kept and maintained in this manner for this purpose.There is also usually a recitation that whatever character the property had when it went into the trust (separate or community), it will retain that character while in the trust.The trustee is the person you select to manage your trust assets.You can name yourself as the trustee or select someone else to serve.Our attorneys will be happy to assess your current trusts and evaluate other aspects of your estate plan. When you make a living trust, the people currently in your life are usually chosen as the beneficiaries.This schedule of assets (which, for convenience I’ll call Schedule A since that’s what it usually gets called) can be either temporary or permanent.I’m writing this because confusion seems to reign in the mind of clients about the temporary nature of the Schedule, which is the case for most trusts.

She received a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of South Florida.A later separate written agreement can change that.Sometimes that written agreement is part of the Schedules of Assets (plural, as in community and separate property trust schedules).When you create an irrevocable living trust, you surrender control of your assets to the trustee.Even though you are the grantor, you lose your right to change the trust beneficiaries at will.

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