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Another member of this bayt, Major General Thabit Sultan Ahmad Shihab, was executed in 1993 after several years of tension with the president.

In 1987, while deputy chief of staff for operations, he had refused to call Saddam’s cousins Husayn Kamil and Ali Hasan al-Majid by the term “my Lord” (Sayyidi, which also has the meaning “descendent of the Prophet Muhammad”), considering them undeserving upstarts.

The latter are hostile to Saddam and his family because he executed some of their most prominent members: Jasim Amin Mukhlis and Raji ‘Abbas al-Tikriti in 1993 and General Husayn Hiyawi in the early 1970s.

Even within tribes that had suffered at Saddam’s hand, one may find many individuals who preferred their personal interests over those of the tribe and remained loyal to him.

Still, some are very likely to be bitterly against the fallen leader.

In 1986, Saddam tortured and executed him for slandering Sabha, Saddam’s mother.

According to some sources, Umar’s son then provided the information that enabled a group of oppositionists to badly wound Udayy in an assassination attempt in December 1996.

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