My boyfriend online dating gabe saporta dating sabi

It was the evening that he canceled our second date when I decided to confront him on this.

"So I have to tell you something," I said to him on the phone.

My life was lovely, for the most part -- quiet, low-key evenings spent with family, or a handful of amazing female friends, or a marmalade tabby loved beyond all reason.

But I was aware that some key part of existence was missing.

It was one of the strangest romances I've ever had, not simply because I did not know him in person but because I truly came to believe he did not exist.I believed that he had a daughter, and that she had sparkling blue eyes, and that she liked cats and pirates.I believed these things because -- well, because he told them to me.Still, we are in a complicated house-of-mirrors moment with the truth.Just ask Mike Daisey, whose tale of Apple hiring underage workers was debunked last weekend on "This American Life." It's a breathtaking hour of radio, not only because Daisey is lying, but also because he is lying to himself. It's like we're all suffering a giant crisis of authenticity.

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