Hiv dating filipina

The first case is diagnosed after a blood transfusion.Terry Higgins, 37, dies in London and the first known cases are reported in Brazil, Canada and Australia.By the end of the year, 121 people are known to have died from it.In some medical literature from the time it is described as a rare cancer.Becky Mitchell, a 40-year-old Environment Agency worker from Bristol, was diagnosed with HIV in 2012.The level-two qualified fitness instructor knew something wasn't right when she started experiencing unusual symptoms in the late Spring of 2012.'I'm usually very healthy and full of energy, so very in tune with my body – I notice the smallest changes.I wouldn't say I was relaxed about the prospect, but I really wasn't in a bad way.

The silence afterwards was deafening, so I walked to the bar and ordered a JD and coke.

While I knew it wasn't a huge deal, I also knew how other people's misconceptions needed to be changed – and I hated the idea of having to hide anything.

They knew how I had never had casual sex, I certainly never did drugs and I was very healthy and balanced in every respect – HIV can hit anyone, and I certainly shouldn't feel bad in any way for my diagnosis.

A few weeks later I went to my GP with swollen glands, a sore throat and feverish chills.

He said the symptoms were similar to malaria, but I hadn't been abroad, so he suggested I have an HIV test to rule that out.

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