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" usually they just laugh and say, "No, he's the last person in the world [I'd have expected]." They got outside their type. So when somebody is kind of on the hunt, they get locked into a type.There are also lots of wonderful growth experiences people have in the course of their dating lives that really prepare them for the one. Learn how to think, solve problems, enjoy the benefits of dating to the hilt, and increase your ability to find and commit to a marriage partner.

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Illustrated with insightful, true-life examples, this book will help you: “Boundaries in Dating is the most helpful dating resource we have read in years. If you are looking for practical tools for finding the love of your life, you can’t afford to miss this outstanding book.” Les and Leslie Parrott – Bestselling authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts “Boundaries in Dating will help you avoid the pitfalls of dating poorly and learn the secrets of dating well.

Cloud recently spoke with Beliefnet about common mistakes people make when they're dating, whether God has a role in singles' dating lives, and the kind of values Jesus would want people to look for in a mate.

What do you mean when you say dating should not just be about marriage?

But there are some very stark differences [between my book and the others].

I don't think it's wise for people to assume, from just being around people in groups, that they can really decide that they want to marry someone, without a graduated exposure to them.

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