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Olivier was careful of what he said to the point of parsimony; I spent my words like an oligarch with a terminal disease.My memory was all moods and tones, while he had a transcriptionist’s recall for the details of our exchanges.The patriarch of the host family was an arborist named Vern.Olivier remembers driving around Saugerties with Charlene, Vern’s wife, and a friend of hers, who begged him over and over to say “hamburger.” He was mystified by the fact that Charlene called Vern “the Incredible Hunk.”Five years later, Olivier found himself in England, a graduate student in mathematics.French was pretty much out of the question, meaning that, since Olivier, a native speaker, worked twice as many hours a week as Swiss stores were open, we went for months without things like lamps.

In addition to being French and American, Olivier and I were translating, to varying degrees, across a host of Steiner’s categories: scientist/artist, atheist/believer, man/woman.Our household spats degenerated into linguistic warfare.“I’ll clean the kitchen after I finish my dinner,” I’d say.“First, I’m going to read my book.”—would ever make that distinction, feeling as though I were living with Andy Kaufman’s Foreign Man.Unfortunately, his scholastic English—“Kevin is a blue-eyed boy” had been billed as a canonical phrase—had done little to prepare him for the realities of the language on the ground.“You’ve really improved,” his roommate told him, six weeks into the term.

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