Dating a fashion designer

Darnell enjoys making his clients look great and feels great.

It is often said that first impressions is the lasting impressions so make it Great with Darnell Mc Gowan.

He has worked with many upcoming artists throughout Texas.

12, during NYFW – where everything attendees experience (ahem, touch, taste, takehome) and do (receive manicures, paint, dance) is in grey.

The fashion industry opens its crystal, glass doors to the prettiest Barbie doll women, carrying Birkins and wearing Burberry. In reality, fashion girls are living in a Vogue-clad nunnery.

The frizz-less, golden locks and ballerina bodies of women in the fashion industry are magnetizing, even jaw dropping, to men, both old and young. Despite the fashion industry's prejudice to appealing physiques and dazzling personalities, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes and Li Lo combined have a better chance of meeting the man of their dreams and falling madly in love than fashion girls do. Cosmo recently published a list of the worst schools to meet men: the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) listed as number one (represent!

Designer Jason Wu loves fashion – but he also loves quiet nights at home.

The 34-year-old is an artist in the public eye, but as far as date night with his husband Gustavo goes, the vibe is quite opposite.

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