Alex rodriguez dating 2016

She jokingly says she moved back to the Bay Area, where she grew up near the Stanford campus, "because she couldn't face one more meeting in a strip club."7. She's kind of a bro: Wojcicki calls herself—and others—dude.8. Anne Wojcicki, a biologist and Silicon Valley CEO who founded the company 23And Me, which used to sell "personal genome tests." She's also the ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and the sister of You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki.While we couldn't nail down an definitive estimate of her fortune, she is said to be "worth billions." Rodriguez will pull in a meager by comparison million this season.Rodriguez, 40, and the 42-year-old ex-wife of Google cofounder Sergey Brin took in some alone time at Green Lemon, a modestly priced eatery very close to where the MLB star has spring training with the New York Yankees.TMZ reports that the newly minted couple enjoyed each other’s company for more than an hour and engaged in some flirty PDA throughout the entire meal.A-Rod has been previously linked to blondes such as Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and Madonna, none of whom resemble the the Silicon Valley entrepreneur who was the subject of a 1. She launched her genetic testing company, 23and Me, in 2006. His net worth has been estimated at 0 million, while hers could be north of a billion.15. Wojcicki went to Yale; A-Rod was drafted by the Seattle Mariners straight out of high school, so he skipped college altogether.

This time, he’s with one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent executives.She and Brin divorced last May after he reportedly had an affair with a Google marketing employee. The couple had a prenuptial agreement and reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount.9. They have a son and daughter together and texts from Brin interrupted Dr. Rodriguez was previously romantically linked to famous blondes Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Madonna, and Torrie Wilson.In other news, Rodriguez has just announced that he'll retire from baseball after the 2017 season.

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